A Prayer For Those Who Have Lost A Child

Lord, You are the God who sees,

And it is my prayer that You see my misery and grief and comfort me.  O God, I am so empty, I feel so helpless, so trapped in a grief that is bigger than I am.


“God, bring comfort and peace. Peace is your essence. Peace is your name. Bring peace to this family who has lost their precious child in death.

We come to you, God because we know that you sorrow, and are acquainted with grief. You too have endured the loss of a child. You empathize.

We can’t help but ask, “Why?” Forgive our insistence, our confusion, even our anger. We believe that you are just, and we ache to understand how this tragic death is an expression of that justice, how it expresses your love. We also know – in our minds at least – that you seldom answer the “why?” question. We press you, but on these matters you are mostly silent.

What we ask instead is “how?” How can we move forward? How can this bring us together and not tear us apart? How can we now live under the shadow of this untimely death? Answer this prayer with your comfort and guidance.

There is no way to remove the pain. The grief is real. The only sanity is to know, to believe, in a life beyond with you, when all the scales are righted and the sufferings are made good. We trust you and your promise that while this child’s life on earth is done, his life beyond has just begun. With that release we lose him and let him go into your arms, then by faith receive in return the boundless comfort of your presence. That is all, that is enough. In Jesus.”

Read more: http://www.beliefnet.com/columnists/prayerplainandsimple/2011/06/a-prayer-for-a-family-grieving-the-death-of-a-child.html#ixzz2vC6pFe8C

One thought on “A Prayer For Those Who Have Lost A Child”

  1. The prayer under the title “A Prayer For Those Who Have Lost A Child” is taken from the website site “www.belief.com”. It is posted here as a prayer for those who have lost a child and bring them some comfort.

    The prayer I said shortly after Shea’s death is here below. I recorded it because I never wanted to forget it.


    Lord, You are the God who sees.

    It is my prayer You will see my misery, grief, and comfort me. Oh God, I am so empty. I feel so helpless, so trapped in a grief that is bigger than I am. Lord, I expect certain tragedies in this life, but no one expects to lose a child. A parent, yes, a sibling possibly, a spouse perhaps, but not my only child, Lord. This is a complete nightmare.

    Lord, I have no choice but to either go through this horrible trauma with You or without You. I cannot reverse it no matter how I bargain or beg You. I can question Your goodness or doubt Your wisdom. I could deny You and try to hate You but that would not bring Shea back. I would be cutting myself off from Your help and comfort. I have never needed You as much as I need You right now.

    Lord, there is a big hole inside of me. Sometimes the hole seems bigger than what is left of me. Others try to comfort me and they mean well. Their love does sometimes help, at least for a little while. But then the reality of it all hits me again, Shea is gone and I will not see this special person until I reach Heaven. It seems such a long time to wait. Help me find the patience I need.

    Father, I had dreams for Shea’s future. I prayed she would become healthy and continue to fight for her own life, to marry, to have children, the things that most young women want. Before and after her death, I would see young families and feel she was cheated out of such basic desires. Why? I feel envy, and so much pain that Shea was denied this happiness. She was so filled with love for others and for You, Lord. I know that nothing is guaranteed in life, but I assumed that such horrific losses occurred in the lives of others. I never dreamed that death would strike down my own child.

    Oh Father, I do not seem able to bear it. But I thank You that You love me and I know this is not because of how life is but because of Calvary. You showed us Your love by sending Jesus to die on the cross to bear our sins. I know You love me because of Jesus, despite my tragic loss.

    Lord, I long to escape this world which is under Your curse. Yet, in the meantime with Your help I will trust You, even though I do not understand. It is not even that I do not fully understand, I do not understand AT ALL.

    Lord, please work within me. Help me to first get through these days, weeks, months, and years. Then help me to be able to cope and move on. I know You will never take all the pain away. I don’t want You to take all the pain, because I loved Shea too much to forget my loss. If I cease to hurt, that would mean I have forgotten. I would die first. But help me limp forward with Your hand in mine and to find a new purpose in life, and to adjust to living with this pain and heartache.

    Lord, although others attempt to comfort me with the promise of eternal life as though it were some sort of drug to distract me from my loss. I know Your promise is true. If it were not true, life would mean nothing at all. But thank You that eternal life is the real destiny of all Your children. So I do find a little comfort knowing the reunion ahead is real, not just wishful thinking.

    Please help me. I pray to You, God of all mercies, in Jesus Name.


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