MiMi and Aunt Iris

Posted by graceofmyheart on September 7, 2012 at 4:15 PM      Comments comments (0)


My Darling Shea,


Aunt Iris left us on July 1, my birthday and MiMi passed on August 23. I know that you already know this because you are together with them in Heaven. How great is our Lord that we can all be reunited after this life. I know you were waiting and calling them home. I was so relieved to know that you would have them there with you. I always thought of you being so alone and it would make me cry. Now I am comforted in knowing that MiMi is with you and PawPaw. MiMi was so at peace with her passing. She simply shut her eyes and went to sleep which is what I thought would happen and she proved that life on this earth is impossible to hang on to forever. I never thought of my life without my mother. I am writing to you from MIMi house where I am packing up her house.


Shea, MiMi was so proud of you because you were so happy and had such a big heart in spite of your many troubles. She grieved your passing and had many questions, like we all had, about how such a loss could happen so suddenly and without warning. We have all learned to accept what we cannot change. It has been hard for me especially since I will never understand why you had to leave when you did but I can accept that God calls the shots and his decision to take you was His alone. I will forever miss you.


When you see MiMi and Aunt Iris tell them for me that I miss them. Their presence on earth had such a profound influence on my life. I hope you will be at peace with them now and know always in your heart that I will be there with you soon. Life on earth is so short but eternity with God goes on forever.


I love you so much, my child, my love forever.



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