Happy Birthday, My Darling Girl

Happy birthday my darling girl,

I will never forget the day you finally made your way into this world. You were so tiny and beautiful. I only got a glimpse of you through the window but I knew you were so special.

I had spent 6 yrs. trying to have a baby and against what all the doctors said, it finally happened and there you were. Perfect. I was delighted and never forgot to thank God every day for giving you to me.

You were a hyper little thing from the first few moments of life. You kicked up such a fuss in the baby nursery at the hospital that they put you in a separate area from the other babies. You were already kicking your legs and moving your arms all around that they couldn’t keep a blanket on you. I knew then you were going to be so full of life and such a hand full. My work was going to be cut out for me early on.

When we came home, you only slept for an hour at a time around the clock. I remember being so tired from lack of sleep. But, I didn’t care. You were mine no matter what.

I doubt if there are birthdays in Heaven but here In this life I will never forget September 1st as the most special day of my year.

Remember how special you were to your mother from the day you were conceived. There is nothing I’ve ever achieved in my life that ever came close to giving birth to you. You made my life worthwhile. You will always be remembered on this special day as “my baby”. I love you and celebrate this day in my heart.

With all my heart,

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