Call it my Cure

Posted by Jenn on June 21, 2013 at 6:50 PM

I have been so blessed to be a part of this journey with Kathy, learn about Shea’s life.

In many ways, it’s helped me to put my own “issue” with respect to family, friendship, and when one is fortunate enough to take part in the life of someone dear to them.  For me, Kathy, it’s been knowing that there’s worse things to me, than a physical pain.


To question and be told, “It is a psycho-logic-al prob-LEM?”  To question even why someone would play some kind of sick headgames, to do so intentionally-and then call you a liar, when you sit with proof of what has happened-to go into specifics I feel is largely irrelevant.


The situation I was in-at a doctor’s office-documentation of the RSD diagnosis literally in front of me-but not being allowed to so much as speak, to have those with me that were sent away and by a doctor’s office-where?  The local teaching hospital.  And I than God someone was with me, that when I connected back at home, sure I was pretty upset.


However, that many have believed in me, as Kathy does Shea, it was a welcome relief to simply leave, knowing that the faith others have in me means that what the UW for example thinks of me?  It does not matter one iotia to me, I think now more than ever.  To have connected with the right kind of help, the treatment that I prefer, and even though physical limitations are on me, I am unconcerned.


Call it a leap of faith.  In one year-nine months even?  The faith in God has been the biggest thing for me.  It allows me to have faith in myself, bit first, putting the faith that I have, the trust in another person-because she asked me for the kind of help that her daughter may have needed, and even though we had not spoken in months, I did help her look into it.  And that she may have a rough road (my friend as well as her daughter), they will undoubtely be fine at some point.


Knowing Shea’s story in part-it helps to also have people now who believe in me.  Those who do not?  Blood relatives-even well, when someone tells you something-even the negative, sometimes to believe it is easier for a time.  Eventually you get to a point where you have to take that faith and put it somewhere else.  Trust someone new, but in doing so?  Best “pain management” because I know now better than ever?


Not everyone is honest or every family is “perfect” in terms of “relationships” but sometimes-families?  Well, not everyone is meant for parenting, and some however?  They know how to show love.  And help one learn that for most?


Call it my cure.

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