Living Without You

Living Without You

Posted by graceofmyheart on July 11, 2012 at 3:05 PM

My darling baby girl, Shea. I am so weak and so sad without you. How could something like this happen? Why are you gone? I can’t bear it. I am alone without you. You are my life, my heart and now you are not here. Why? Why?

Brave, Corageous, harder to make it happen

We got a new puppy named Callie. You would adore her and I can picture you holding her and loving her like you have done with so many of our furbabies. Now you and Angel are together in Heaven and I miss seeing you playing with this little puppy. I can see you laughing and holding her, loving her, and being the kind and wonderful young woman you were. Where did all that go?

Where did all that go? I am longing to touch you, to hug you, and stroke your long hair like I did so many times. To see you laugh and make me laugh because you were so good and loving that way. It hurts so much to know i will never see your smile again, hear your laughter, watch you play with Angel. Oh how you loved that baby dog and it brought such joy to me knowing you had her and loved her so much. I want to touch you again.

I can still remember the feel of your skin when I found you that morning, so soft, so smooth. I want to touch your skin again. I can feel you with me but it is not the same. How could God do this to me? He knew I needed you and He took you away. I am trying to understand but it is hard because the pain is so great. But I will try to be faithful and bear the weight of this sorrow as best I can.

I promise you my darling, we will be together again. That’s all I can live for now, knowing that we will be together in the hereafter forever. Remember how much I loved you on this Earth and know I will love you even more in the next life.

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