Thinking of You

Thinking of You

Posted by graceofmyheart on May 26, 2012 at 11:10 AM               Comments comments (0)


Hello my darling angel. It is a beautiful Saturday morning and I am thinking of you as usual. Mary and I had coffee yesterday and she began talking about you and the talks you two had last summer by the pool. She has such fond memories of you and the talks ya’ll had.


Mary reminded me of how happy you were most of the time. I felt so much pleasure hearing her relate stories of you laughing. She said that when you laughed you brought everyone to laughter. She was right. You had such a good sense of humor and laughed often.


Why do I remember your life as being so sad? Is it because I wanted so much more for you than your illness allowed? I wanted you to have all the things that most women have, a husband, children, a home. It is a dream that most mother’s have for their daughters. I kept up the hope that you would have these things some day even though I knew you were getting sicker with each passing year. I knew you had a sadness and fear in your heart that these things would not happen for you.


Your spirit was so tender and kind. These are the things that people now use to describe you and it was true. I don’t think I ever heard you say a bad thing about anyone even though many people hurt you. You seemed to have faith in people that others did not have. Your kindness towards children, the elderly, and animals was always apparent and others saw this in you.


You were my precious angel on earth. Now you are with God and you are an angel in Heaven. It seems so appropriate that you are with the angels now for you were an angel on earth.


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