Hello, My Angel….

Posted by graceofmyheart on April 28, 2012 at 3:05 PM

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Hi Shea,


I have been thinking of you every second of my days.  I wake up each morning and have to face a new day with the fact that you are not here.  I miss you so much.  I miss the fun we used to have with each other.  I shopped yesterday and cried all through Publix.  People were looking at me like the crazy woman that I am.  I was sad because I had such clear memories of us running errands together and how much you helped me in the grocery store.  Remember how I’d tell you what was needed and you would run all over the store gathering up groceries.  Then when we got home you’d say “mom, I’ll carry these upstairs.  You don’t need to do this”.  You were always so sweet to me and tried to help me anytime that I would let you.  I appreciated that you were so willing to help me no matter what I needed.  You were that way about everything.  Always a sweet, loving daughter. It is sometimes hard for me to remember all the little things you did for me without crying.  I know you are in a better place but that doesn’t stop me from missing you.

Shea, it’s Spring here and it is beautiful.  Pete is finally putting  a roof over the rest of the deck.  If Angel were alive she’d enjoy sunbathing like she used to do.  I miss her so much.  It seems I lost so much over the past few years.  First Wickett, Fatboy, then Angel and Freddie and now you.  My heart aches to see you playing with the dogs like you loved to do.  They all loved you so much as you loved them.  You were such a good little mother to Angel.  What a blessing you two were together.  Do you see them in Heaven?  Are they at Rainbow Bridge like we always talked about?  You were such an animal lover and children, oh my gosh, how you loved children.  It was not fair that you never had the chance to have a child.  I don’t know why.  Do you have a job in Heaven taking care of the little children.  Jesus said we would all have jobs in Heaven.  I am sure yours is to watch over the children in Heaven.  That would be so natural for you. Your heart was always so big.  You had so much love in your heart for everyone.  Even those that did not deserve it.

My heart is so full because you are my child.  Nothing will ever change that.  We may be separated right now but one day we’ll be together again.  What a wonderful reunion that will be.  I think of seeing you in Heaven and you are healthy, happy and wise beyond your years here on Earth.  I am waiting for that time.  I’m sorry you had to go before me.  But, I believe you must be happy where you are now.  This is what Jesus promised and what I believe.  Someday my darling girl……..

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