Posted by graceofmyheart on February 21, 2012 at 7:45 AM

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February 21, 2012  Shea, it has been 4 months on the 19th since you left this earth.  I am thinking of you all day and night as usual.  Nothing happens in my world that does not remind me of you.  Your smiling face, your beautiful bright green eyes, perfectly arched, dark, eyebrows,gorgeous blonde waist length hair that framed your face so perfectly.  I think of you and I remember every detail of your face.  I practice remembering your beauty.  I never want to forget not one detail of how you looked.  You were my beauty, my love, my everything a mother could ever have wanted in a child.  I don’t deny that we had troubles in our lives together over time, but I never think of those times, never again.  I only remember the good because all of the bad has all been washed away with my tears.  I will always only remember the good because your heart was good.  You were gentle, kind, and loving.  You made me feel like I could be a better person because you were the goodness, the grace of my heart.

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